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Opening Prayer
Rev. Joseph Pilate
St. Paul Methodist Church
Pass Christian, MS

Family Acknowledgements
Mrs. Dorothy Snead
Only remaining child of Mabel and John Handy

Amazing Grace
Solo by Otis Gates,
Member, Mother of Mercy Church

Induction Ceremony
Lou Zocchi, President
MS Coast Jazz Society

Reverend Joseph Pilate

Funeral Music
MS Coast Jazz Society

Procession and Second Line
MS Coast Jazz Society Band Members
Family and Friends
Church members
Jazz In the Pass Committee Members
Jazz - A- Belles

Reception and Greeting
Trinity Church Patio Fountain

Acknowledgements and Gratitude

A special thanks to the following:

The MS Coast Jazz Society
members and attending musicians.

A grave covering was installed by
Friends of the Handy Family.

The embedded wrought iron G-Clef was provided by the Jazz In The Pass Committee.

The Live Oak Cemetery provided access permission and a general clean up.

The Trinity Church provided the Reception area.

The Jazz In The Pass Committee provided the Reception beverages.

A special Blessing is asked of Him
for each of the individuals who participated and who made this spiritual and historic occasion possible and one to be remembered in the hearts of many.

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